Make a Driftwood Vase for Flowers

I was inspired by a vase I saw in Home Goods today. It reminded me that I had a huge bowl of driftwood leftover from another project this summer. 
White Driftwood Vase at the store

I loved the idea of this project but not the painted finish. I decided to make my project with natural driftwood. I began by collecting all my vacation driftwood and a glass jar. The jar you use should have straight sides for this project. 

Driftwood and glass vase

I had a basket of driftwood I went through to find pieces that were approximately the height of the jar I was using. I applied the driftwood with hot glue and placed it piece by piece around the jar. 
Driftwood stick with hot glue

I was careful to choose pieces that fit together well. Some were a little curved so I made sure they were placed next to another piece that would fit close and not leave large spaces on the jar. 
Driftwood lined up on the outside of a glass vase

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After I went all the way around the jar I went back with a few skinny pieces of driftwood to fill in any spaces. Once all the driftwood was in place I went around the jar with 2 lengths of thick jute then hung a DIY metal numbered tag on the vase. 
Driftwood vase with jute wrap and enamelware tag

This was one of the easiest and quickest DIY projects ever and looks amazing! Driftwood really is gorgeous. The textures and natural colors are beautiful, I'm glad I decided not to paint the wood.  
Please visit my Amazon suggestions at the bottom of this post for supplies you can purchase to make this project. 
Driftwood vase with jute wrap

I filled the jar with water and gathered a bouquet of late summer flowers and sweet smelling sage from the garden. 
If you love sage like I do then be sure to check out a couple of late summer projects I did in the past using the sage from my garden... sage wreath and sage centerpiece. 
Driftwood vase filled with flowers

Pinterest pin of driftwood vase

It is so much fun creating beautiful pieces from pieces I found on the beach. Before you go please visit my hanging driftwood fish, another vacation souvenir made from driftwood. 
Driftwood vase filled with flowers

Such an easy and beautiful summer vase that will look beautiful filled with seasonal mums and greenery on my farmhouse table throughout the fall. 
Driftwood vase and sage flowers on a wooden table

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