Bathroom Pumpkin Toilet Paper Cover

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to sponsor a company called
Burlap Pumpkin Toilet Paper Cover
It is a great company with fabulous burlap products for your next DIY project. I created several Fall projects with the burlap and burlap products they sent me. You can read all about that by following the bold link.

Today I'm using the orange burlap they sent me for a new Fall project. 

I didn't make up this project but I've been doing it in my home for years so I thought I'd pass along the DIY information to you. Here is one I made a few years ago using Fall colored bark cloth fabric and a champagne cork.

Bark cloth vintage bathroom pumpkin toilet paper cover

I gathered my materials: 
Orange Burlap Pumpkin Toilet Paper Cover

I cut the burlap into 17" x 17" squares then dropped a roll of toilet paper into the center. I began wrapping the burlap around the TP on one side and went all the way around the stuffing it into the center tube. At this point if you have too much fabric or your burlap is too thick, you can cut off the excess fabric. I didn't need to do this as this is a light weight burlap. 
Orange Burlap Pumpkin Toilet Paper Cover DIY

When I got to the end I used a piece of driftwood to stuff the end of the burlap into the tube with a leaf. You don't want to glue the wood in place because you may want to use the toilet paper at some point. 
Burlap Pumpkin Toilet Paper Cover DIY

As you can see this can be done quickly and there is no perfection involved. I placed my TP pumpkin on the back of my toilet and it's ready for the next time one of my daughter's is yelling from the bathroom for more toilet paper. 
Burlap Pumpkin Bathroom Toilet Paper Cover DIY

If you have to use this pretty pumpkin in an emergency, just wrap up another roll of toilet paper and you're ready to go.
Burlap Pumpkin Bathroom Toilet Paper Cover

If you'd rather not decorate your bathroom with the pumpkin you can use it anywhere in your house. 
DIY Burlap Pumpkin Bathroom Toilet Paper Cover

Only you (and I) will know there is a toilet paper roll inside. 😉
Pumpkin Bathroom Toilet Paper Cover

You can visit this tiny farmhouse bathroom renovation by visiting this bold link.
DIY Pumpkin Bathroom Toilet Paper Cover

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