Fairy Light Succulent Lantern Planter

My daughter and I worked on a project for an auction recently. The project, like most of my projects didn't end when the blog post was over. 
Fairy Light Succulent Lantern Planter

Together we worked on a vertical succulent garden in a vintage frame. Her plant expertise and my love for DIY came together to create a beautiful project for the auction.  

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Today I'm using the leftover succulents from her mail order garden to create a succulent garden in a lantern. I've seen many created by many different people on Pinterest but one of my favorites was by West Coast Gardens

I had 2 copper lanterns in my basement that came from Target several years ago. It pays in one way or another to collect a lot of stuff! 

Copper lanterns for a succulent planter

I am not doing anything to update these lanterns because I love the vintage copper color. 

To add succulents to the lanterns I needed to first build a foundation for the succulents to root. To make the sphagnum moss damp I soaked it in a bowl of water then squeezed out the excess water. 

I used gutter grating to form a pocket and filled it with damp sphagnum moss. I wrapped the grating around the moss to create a pile. 

Moss pocket to plant succulents

I used a chopstick to create holes in the moss for the succulents. They will eventually take root. 
Succulent pocket for a lantern

After I filled the moss with succulents, I wrapped the pocket with green moss that comes in a sheet. I cut a long strip and wrapped it around the metal grating then used a pin to secure the end. 
Moss covered succulent planter pocket

The next step was to put the pocket into the bottom of the lantern. 
Moss covered succulent planter pocket in a Copper Lantern

A quick spray of water will keep the succulents hydrated as they take root in the moss. 
Copper Succulent Lantern Planter

Next is the secret weapon to light up this beautiful lantern in the dark... a cork light. You can read all about how I used them in vintage bottles and then again at Halloween by visiting these bold links. 
Cork fairy lights for a succulent planter

It is just enough light to fill this lantern with magic! 
Copper Succulent Planter with Fairy lights made with a cork light

copper lantern with succulents

Thanks for all the inspiration!  I was happy to use up the remainder of the mail-order succulents in such a beautiful way.
Fairy Light Succulent Copper Lantern Planter

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