DIY Red Domino Refrigerator Magnets

This was one of my lucky thrift store finds of the season! 
Red vintage Domino set

Red vintage dominoes! What a great thing to find for the holiday season, I have not one, but two projects in mind for them and this is the first. You can read all about the first project with these red dominoes by visiting this red link. 

This one is a very simple project using dominoes and magnet tape... that's it!  On the back of each domino I attached a piece of magnet tape then trimmed the tape so it was the same size as the magnet. If you don't have magnet tape you can glue on small magnets using a glue gun. 
DIY Red Domino Refrigerator Magnets
All I needed to do now was to stick them on the refrigerator. I have a stainless steel refrigerator and I'm pretty sure magnets are a no-no but the refrigerator has already seen it's share of scratches so it's all good. 
DIY Red Domino Refrigerator Magnets for the Kitchen
And now to hang some great pics and notes using my new magnets. Here is my cat "Kitty" who passed away recently but lived with us for 23 amazing years. The other is a scratch art made by my oldest grandson. This grandma stuff never gets old! ❤️
Easy to Make Red Domino Refrigerator Magnets for the Kitchen
These easy to make magnets are great for the holiday season or if you just like a little pop of red in your kitchen. 
Easy to Make Red Domino Refrigerator Magnets
                   They could not be easier to make! 
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