Glittered Pumpkins for Fall

This quick and easy project can take a pumpkin from plain to fabulous in no time. 
Glittered Pumpkins for Fall

I am a teacher and this year our three year old class did a glittered pumpkin project in the Fall. In the past they painted the pumpkin with a thick glue then tossed on glitter. It was  beautiful but a messy project and was probably cursed by the parents who brought them home. 

This year we decided to take a different route. After looking on Pinterest for alternative ideas, we found inspiration on Country Living website
DIY Glittered Pumpkins for Fall

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For this project we glittered only the stems. The children had a great time painting their pumpkins and the hard part of adding the fine glitter and tying on the bow was done by the teachers. 

We used Patio Paint by DecoArt which gave the pumpkins a durable finish. The stems were glittered with a fine glitter from a set that came with many colors. Click on the bold lettering to see these products.

DIY Glittered Purple Pumpkins for Fall

DIY Glittered Teal Pumpkins for Fall

We made pumpkins in every color with coordinating glittered stems! This is an easy project that can be done by children or adults for a glamorous change to your fall decor. 
They make a great group project too!  
DIY Glittered Purple and Teal Pumpkins for Fall

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