Painting the Perfect White Storage Cupboard

The perfect white cupboard didn't start out that way. It was a Facebook purchase for a great price but the color was all wrong for my neutral home. 

Painting the Perfect White Storage Cupboard

As a matter of fact it was purple! They called it aubergine... I call it purple. 
Painting the Perfect White Farmhouse Storage Cupboard
The cupboard sat in my den for almost 2 years filled with toys for my grandchildren. Since my plan for this room going forward is to turn it into a small office, it is time for the purple to go! 

Sometimes I'm impulsive and not a very neat painter. Today, on a whim, I just pulled the cupboard away from the wall, rolled up the carpet and started painting. I had a rag handy to wipe up drips and a little newspaper to slide under the bottom. 

I'm trying a new paint called General Finishes Milk Paint in Alabaster and I'm a little worried because I usually swear by Fusion Mineral Paint and I was out. The purple paint had no wax so I didn't think I needed to prep the surface, I just painted. 

Painting the Perfect White Farmhouse Office Storage

I was hoping this was going to be a quick fix. I'm leaving the inside the reddish color it came with so I didn't even empty the cabinet. 

Painting a Farmhouse Office Storage Cabinet

I painted, let it dry, painted again, let it dry, I knew covering purple with white wasn't going to be easy and in retrospect a primer definitely would have helped. This however was an impulsive project so I just painted. 
Painting a White Farmhouse Office Storage Cabinet
I'm pretty sure I gave this cabinet 4 coats, the paint I usually use would have covered in 2 primer or no primer. 
White Storage Cabinet for the office
I was finally seeing some hope, the color was perfect and it was beginning to look like I had hoped it would. While I was painting, I gave the cabinet next to it 2 coats on the doors so the cabinets would match each other. The other cabinet is an old IKEA closet I use for storage, I painted it white a few years ago and now they match!
Storage for an office with a Neutral Color
When I was finally finished, the purple cupboard looked just like I hoped it would, impulse project or not. I would use the General Finishes Paint again, I think it did a good job even over purple paint! 

Perfect Storage for an office with a Neutral Color
The room is being transformed piece by piece into a cozy home office. 
Neutral storage cabinets for a home office
A couch and a desk in the room makes it a great place to work, watch TV, or even take a nap. 
Decorating a farmhouse styled home office
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Are you an impulsive painter? 
Any good stories to share?

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