Recycled Cat Litter Cardboard Box

The title of this post is sounding pretty strange but I'm truly not recycling cat litter or the cat box. Today I'm recycling the heavy cardboard box that holds the cat litter. 
Recycled Cardboard Box from Cat Litter

On my way to the trash I had to stop a minute, this box was super heavy duty and deserving of a second chance. I'm thinking storage box, after all who couldn't use more storage options? 

The first step was to cut off the top of the box with a box cutter or utility knife. The straight line on the package went almost all the way around and worked as a great guide for cutting. 
Recycled Cat Litter Cardboard Box
Next, using a roll of vintage decorative paper I had in the basement, I wrapped the box. I used hot glue to hold all the edges. You can use wrapping paper, craft paper, or recycled wallpaper for this project. The decorative paper I used had a wrinkled texture and was quite brittle and difficult to work with but it was pretty so I went ahead with it. New paper works so much better! 
I used a drill to drill holes in both sides and added thick jute as handles. If you don't own a drill you can use something else to make the holes but be careful. 
Recycled Cat Litter Cardboard Box for storage
This box, and the hundreds more to come will make great storage on the top shelf of my basement shelving unit. Make them all match or use coordinating paper. Brown paper craft paper is a great option and can be stenciled or painted. You can also recycle all those Amazon boxes that show up at your doorstep creating storage in all shapes and sizes. 
Add a label so you know what is inside and start lining them up. 
Recycled Cardboard Box for storage
Free storage for any room, not just the basement! 

FREE Recycled Cardboard Box for storage
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