Vintage Clothespin Carrots for Spring

I'm so excited to share this fun project today that combines my love of so many things! Vintage clothespins, the color orange, Spring and Easter, these are a few of my favorite things.
Dish with clothespin carrots, and eggs

I began this project with a handful of vintage clothespins. 

I gave them a quick, and I mean quick, coat of orange paint. 

painting clothespin carrots, orange paint and brush

I wanted the vintage clothespins to have some of their original patina. 

The orange paint came out more like a stain which was perfect! 

If you can't find vintage clothespins then faux vintage clothespins will work

Next, I drilled a hole in the top of each of the clothespins. 

drilled holes in clothespin carrots

I added a drop of E6000 glue to the tip of a small cutting of faux greenery I bought at Michaels. 

You can find similar greenery on Amazon.

E6000 glue for tops of carrots

I stood the clothespins on the edge of a glass jar to dry.

Clothespin carrots drying on a bottle

You could add a little fine orange glitter to the carrots or leave them in their rustic glory like I did. 

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pedestal dish of carrots and eggs

I'm pretty sure I could make a carrot for Spring out of anything. 

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The pedestal dish is also one of the projects I made that I use all the time!


Carrots made from clothespins and an overlay

These carrots are going to look so pretty in my rustic farmhouse style decorating for Spring. 


Easter carrots made from vintage clothespins and eggs

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Top view of clothespin carrots and eggs


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