Farmhouse Style Wall Pocket for Flowers

Today I'm repurposing a wooden scoop I found at the thrift store and I'm thinking flowers! 
Make a Wall Pocket for Flowers

I don't think this is vintage but it is beautiful wood and I know it's going to make a gorgeous wall container for flowers. You can see how I used it to stage this DIY depression glass project.
DIY depression glass with wooden scoop backdrop
I began by wiping down the wood with hemp oil to boost the finish, it will condition the wood. Next, I'm using a piece of grain sack fabric I had leftover from a wall organizer I made years ago. I wrapped the fabric around the bottom of the scoop and hot glued it on the back.

How to Make a Wall Pocket for Flowers
That's about all it took to make this very simple project. Just when I thought I was finished I noticed a metal bolt thingy I had hanging in my workshop.
Using a repurposed bolt and wooden scoop for flowers
I had no idea what the name of this piece was but after a bit of research I found out it was called a D shackle. I unscrewed the bolt and slipped it through the handle of the wooden scoop. That was all this piece needed to make it fabulous!
Farmhouse style wooden scoop wall pocket for flowers
And the flowers... I'm adding Spring flowers and clover because I'm optimistically awaiting the warmer weather. 
Make a Farmhouse Style Wall Pocket for Flowers
The flowers just slip into the fabric pocket and can be changed up whenever. 
Farmhouse Style Wall Pocket for Flowers
Thanks so much for visiting and I hope I'm inspiring you to look twice at something you have laying around or find in the thrift store. You never know what you can create!
Repurposed Farmhouse Basket for flowers

DIY Farmhouse Style Wall Pocket for Flowers

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