Easy and Inexpensive Hanging Scarf Organizer

Has anyone really found a good way to organize scarves? If you have a lot of them they always seem to be in a bundle.
Easy and Inexpensive Way to Organize Scarves

I had my scarves in a drawer, then a basket in my closet, then I thought I had the perfect idea for organizing them until I never rolled them back up right. 

Now however, I may have found the easiest and most inexpensive solution. 

I saw a similar idea where clothespins were just glued to a wall. 

I'm taking that idea one step further and creating a hanging piece that can be hung anywhere.

DIY Scarf Organizer with Clothespins

I gathered the very simple and inexpensive supplies I needed for this project:

I did this part while watching TV:

I hot glued the clothespins along the piece of scrap wood about 1" apart. 

DIY Rustic Scarf Organizer with Clothespins

Next, I took the piece down to my workshop and stained it with Weather Wash stain. It gives the new wood a beautiful aged patina. The color I used was called pined. 

Stained DIY hanging scarf organizer

On each end of the scrap wood I drilled a hole and screwed in eye screw. I strung a length of thick jute through the screw eyes to hang the scarf hanger. This project could really not be easier! 

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Hanging Scarf Organizer

Now my scarf hanger was ready to hang some scarves. I have plenty! I just clipped one scarf to each clothespin, that's it. 

Easy and Inexpensive Hanging Scarf Organizer

The scarf hanger hangs on the back of my door from a simple white wreath hanger

Inexpensive Hanging Scarf Organizer

I'm hanging this on the back of my bedroom door which is open most of the time so the scarves are hidden behind the door. 

You could hang this on the wall in a walk in closet or on the back of a closet door, wherever you have room for plenty of scarves.

DIY Scarf Organization for the closet

The best part is I can find what I'm looking for with no digging and they will stay wrinkle free!

DIY Hanging Scarf Organization for the closet
Scarves on back of door with overlay

I'm so happy for the inspiration on this project, I made it my own and am super happy at the way it came out!

Another place to hang this scarf hanger is in my walk in closet. 

You can read all about the jewelry organization in this closet by visiting the bold link.

Hanging Scarf Organization for the closet

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