How to Make a Succulent Terrarium Using Recycled Jars

I will admit it, I have a problem with plants. I forget to water them until they are bent over gasping for help, it is then that I realize they're in trouble. When I saw this idea at a friend's house I knew I had to share with anyone who is in need of the same solution. 
Make a Recycled Jar Succulent Terrarium
Mason jars or recycled jars... that's it, that is the solution. I gathered the small succulents that are the hardest to keep alive for me and put them in jars. This is not a solution that is going to work for all the big plants that are on the verge of death around here but for the small ones, this is a perfect idea. 

I began by finding jars that would fit these succulents. As the plants grow and thrive I will need to get bigger jars but for now I'm using small jars. I put a few drops of hot glue on the bottom of the jar lid then glued on the plant. You can see just how dry this poor plant was. 
Make a DIY Recycled Jar Succulent Terrarium
I gave the plant a little water then covered the soil with a little moss to hold in the water and make it look a little nicer.

How to Make a DIY Recycled Jar Succulent Terrarium
I placed the jar over the top and screwed it closed. 
How to Make a DIY Succulent Terrarium using Recycled Jars
The plants will now be self watering. Yay! They may stand a chance around here this way. 
How to Make a Succulent Terrarium using Recycled Jars
Any kind of jar will work. I used a recycled jelly jar and a Mason jar for these. 
Recycled jar succulent terrarium

I love working with succulents, I've made all kinds of DIY projects using succulents and you can read about them by following the bold link. I just have a terrible time remembering to water my plants. 
Decorative Recycled jar succulent terrarium
Now I can tuck these cuties into my decorations and almost forget about them. 
DIY Decorative Recycled jar succulent terrarium
I love having plants around the house but I really need to be better at taking care of them. How about you? Are you a good plant person? If not maybe you want to try a few faux plants like I did in this story. You can visit the story to find out which are real and which are faux plants. 
Real and faux plants on a diy rustic farmhouse tray

How to make a succulent terrarium using recycled jars.

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