Make a DIY Birdhouse from Reclaimed Parts

Recently I saw a birdhouse on a shopping website and it gave me the idea to make a similar one out of pieces and junk I had in my workshop
Make a Birdhouse from Reclaimed Parts

I had an old metal bucket and an enamelware funnel. You could also use a large coffee can. I love old enamelware and I was saving this piece for something special. I also had a few wooden beads, ceramic knobs, and a piece of a broken metal frame to work with. 
The first thing I did was to trace the broken frame piece that I was going to use as the door onto my metal bucket and cut it out with tin snips. I highly recommend these snips, they cut metal like butter. I needed to adjust the size of the opening a few times. I used a metal file to smooth the sharp edges on the opening. 
Make a DIY Birdhouse from Reclaimed Parts
Next, I painted the bucket with a little bit of old chalk paint I had left in my workshop, it's very much like this color. You can use any kind of chalky paint that sticks to metal. This jar was pretty dried out but I wasn't being fussy for this vintage looking birdhouse. 
Make a DIY Painted Birdhouse from Reclaimed Parts
For the roof I used Loctite construction adhesive to attach a couple of wooden beads and a glass furniture knob to the top of the funnel. I painted the beads to match the birdhouse. 
Make a DIY Enamelware Birdhouse from Reclaimed Parts

I used the same adhesive to attach the door of the birdhouse and another glass knob for a perch to the metal bucket. I tried several other glues but nothing holds forever like this adhesive. I also used it when I built a frame and attached it to a mirror when I redid my bathroom. You can read all about it by following the bold link. 
Make a DIY Enamelware Birdhouse from Reclaimed Parts
I let the adhesive dry overnight and attached the funnel roof to the bucket with the same glue. 
Make a DIY Enamelware Birdhouse

Make a DIY Birdhouse
I was really hoping the birds were going to love their new home but I've been told in a comment that this birdhouse is better decorative than for real birds because the metal would get hot! 
Make a DIY Birdhouse with Found Parts
The comment mentioned that this birdhouse would need vents or be made from wood to house real birds. 
A decorative birdhouse is also fun!! If you’re building a birdhouse for birds please follow the “birdhouse rules” in your area. 
Make a Birdhouse with Found Parts
If you're a birdhouse lover you may want to visit some of the many birdhouses I've made in the past by following this link. Please note: No birds were harmed in the making of any of my birdhouses, most have housed happy little bird families for years.

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Make a Repurposed Birdhouse with a Funnel and Bucket

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