The Perfect Workshop Craft Organizer

I started this project in great need, need of organizing some of my craft supplies in the workshop. The mess was getting out of hand and I needed to create some kind of storage to organize all these supplies I use all the time. 
Repurposed parts for a craft organizer

I began with three pieces I found at the thrift store. 

The first one was a large Lazy Susan. 

The second was a very large mug display and when I finally decided to declutter it was sent to the basement. 

The third thrift store item was an old bundt pan. 

A while back I had added a door knob to the top but that project spent too much time in my basement. 

It was time to repurpose it all! 

I put the mug display on top of the Lazy Susan then painted all the thrifted pieces with Fusion Mineral Paint in Cathedral Taupe. 

You can find a Fusion Mineral Paint dealer near you by visiting this link

Painted pieces to create a craft organizer

The bundt pan fit inside the mug display then I had fun hanging, clipping, and filling the bundt pan and the mug display with all my craft items.

How to Make the Perfect DIY Craft Organizer

The perfect place to hang and clip everything within easy reach!

Magnetic containers hold tiny eye hooks to the metal frame.

How to Make a DIY Craft Organizer

The mug hooks hang tape, scissors, wire, and rubber bands. 

Safety glasses and tweezers for the Silhouette Machine hang over the bars. 

See below for some of my favorite craft supply suggestions. 

How to Make a DIY Repurposed Craft Organizer

Clothespins hold business cards and decorative tags. 

Clamps are stored on the frame within easy reach. 

Small terra cotta pots along the outer edge hold pencils and markers. 

Make a DIY Repurposed Craft Organizer

A magnetic tray keeps razor blades safely attached to the frame. 

Craft storage for the workshop

The best place to keep my craft supplies safe and within reach on the table in my craft room. 

Spinning Craft storage for the workshop

And the best part is that it spins so everything is within reach! 

Spinning DIY Craft storage for the workshop

The best part is that it was made from thrifted items for almost nothing! 

Repurposed DIY Craft storage for the Craft Room

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