Dollar Store Stretched Canvas Valentine Art

Another trip to the dollar store today. I returned with two small stretched canvases, I 'm going to use them to copy the Valentine's Day signs I saw in an online email. 

x and o framed canvas

How hard could these be to make? 

An X and an O and I'll be finished!

Each stretched canvas is 5" x 7" and cost $1 at Dollar Tree.

canvas from the dollar store

You can use any stretched canvas for this project but the small dollar store canvases are the best deal!

I used a Sharpie Paint Pen for this project. 

I drew an X on one canvas and an O on the other.

I went over the letters several times to give them a sketched look, not solid. 

2 canvases one with an x and one with an o

Well that part was done in a flash.

If you used an oil based paint pen make sure to let the letters dry well before continuing.

Next, I removed the staples from the back of the canvas. 

If you can't get the staples out, use a razor blade to cut around the staples then slip off the canvas. 

canvas removed from the frame

wooden frames from inside the canvas

I used Weather Wash Stain to stain the wooden frames. 

If you don't have this stain, you can age the wooden frame with this recipe

stained wooden frames on top of the x and O with glue

Next, I sanded the edges of the frame, then re-attached the canvases to the frames with Gorilla glue clear grip.

I weighted down the frame on the canvases to make sure they were glued down well. 

irons holding down framed art for glue

When the glue dried I cut the canvas around the frames.

Framed x and o canvases with hearts

They look just like the Valentine's Day signs I saw online and they cost $1 each!

They're headed to my mantel to decorate my home for Valentine's Day!

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x and o framed art with overlay

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