Cement Paint Treatment for Thrift Store Finds

Don't you just love it when you can change a thrift store find into something fabulous?! I sure do! Today I'm having some fun with a paint treatment that turned a few jars and terra cotta pots into perfect old world cement looking crocks.

2 small terra cotta pots with paint treatment and a succulent

This paint treatment was so easy to do and looks fantastic! 

I did a similar post a few years ago.

And again on these textured hearts for Valentine's Day.

I had just ordered a few old world looking things from Michaels including an awesome head bust that holds plants. 

cement bust on mantel

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I saw the pretty pieces at Michael's a few days ago and admired the paint treatment. 

Needless to say, I went back and bought them!

I knew that I could easily duplicate that look like I did a few years ago in this post.

First I mixed up a concoction of 1 part non-sanded grout with 2 parts regular paint. 

non-sanded grout and paint with clear vase

I chose a light sample color of oops paint I had at home.

Any white, off-white, or light grey will look great!

I gave my glass and terra cotta pieces one coat of the recipe and dried it with an inexpensive heat gun.

glass painted with the recipe

I continued with the coats of paint until I was satisfied with the look, about 3 coats. 

vases and glass bottles painted with the recipe

I let the pieces dry overnight. 

pots and bottles painted with the recipe

glass vase with textured paint

In the morning I used a grey and black Sharpie to sketch on a few old chips around the vase. 

chips drawn onto paint treatment

The newly textured vases, bottles, and pots are now ready to fill with faux plants and flowers. 

terra cotta pots with faux plant

This was a very easy project to do and the chips and texture stays on! 

I really think I'm going to be using this recipe on everything in my home! 

vase and mason jar filled with plants

I'm going to mix my DIY textured vases and pots in with the ones I purchased from Michaels for a beautiful mantel this year.

bowl with wreath on mantel

mantel with cement bowls and large clock

mantel with clock and DIY cement objects

The Love You More sign was made similar to this one years ago. 

textured glass pot with plant

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old world paint technique pinterest pin with overlay

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cement bust and planter on mantel

clock and mantel with cement items

Here is the before and after... hard to believe!

before and after of glass vase

flower filled textured vases

vases and pots with paint treatment


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