DIY Farmhouse Style Enamelware Table

This table from the dollar store Five Below had me at "enamel"! What could I do with this $5 table that would be cute and my style?
enamel table label from the dollar store

The table had a lot of potential and for $5 I was up for the challenge.
gold bottomed dollar store table

The only problem with this gold trimmed table was that the gold was really kind of affiliate disclaimer

It definitely needed repainting.

This modern looking table was not the farmhouse style I usually go for but it was worth trying to make it over.

The first thing I did was to paint over the brownish/gold bottom of the table and legs black.

I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black because it sticks well to metal and is self leveling so these brush strokes will level out when it dries.

black painted table bottom

Another option would be spray paint but I didn't have any on hand.

Next, I painted the top edge.

I was careful not to paint the edge perfectly, making it look like the chippy edges of vintage enamelware.

I did a similar technique on this faux enamelware DIY bathroom organizerchippy black enamelware edge
black and white table

Now it was time to work on the top.

I wanted to add a simple design.

A stencil like this might also be beautiful.stenciled in table top

I cut a cardboard stencil that I had in my workshop into a circle that would fit inside the table top and make the stenciling easier.

I stenciled the design using the same black as I used on the bottom of the table.

black stenciled table top

When the stencil design dried I sprayed the top with a gloss sealer.side table next to a chair in the living room

This little $5 table makeover definitely exceeded my expectations!

It looks just like a little farmhouse enamelware table.

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