Heart Sachets for Valentine's Day

I've enjoyed making these cute little muslin hearts so much and I wanted to share the tutorial with you today. I've also added some to the Homeroad Etsy Shop so you can grab some too!

Three muslin hearts with buttons

These hearts are an easy project and look great in a basket or a bowl for Valentine's Day or just tucked into a drawer for the amazing scent.

muslin hearts in a tray

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In the past I made these lavender heart sachets that were filled with lavender and very popular at the craft fairs. 

The hearts I made are once again made in my style,  with neutral muslin

three muslin hearts

I love the neutral look, it's so calming and serene. 

The fabric I used came from an old, faded Ikea curtain panel I saved from years ago.

All I basically did was to use pinking shear scissors and cut out hearts from an old faded muslin fabric I had in my collection. 

cutting hearts using pinking shears

I used fabric hot glue to attach the front heart to the back leaving a small opening to stuff the hearts. 

This fabric hot glue is amazing on fabric. 

hot gluing the hearts together

You can see what else I made using it by visiting these projects.

I used Poly-fil to fill the hearts and added a cotton ball with DoTerra Patchouli essential oils on it to scent the hearts. 

You can use your favorite essential oil scent to make your drawers or room smell amazing. 

stuffed muslin hearts with a button

Next, I closed the opening of the heart with the hot glue and added a neutral button to the center of the heart. 

muslin hearts and buttons

Before I knew it I had 10 of them finished and added them to the Homeroad Etsy Shop with free shipping. 

As you can see, the faded fabric gave me hearts in different shades of neutral.

row of muslin hearts with buttons

They make great gifts!

heart sachets in a tool box

See how I stenciled this tool box by visiting this post. 

They are easy to make and look great in sets of 3 scattered in bowls and baskets around the house to decorate for Valentine's Day. 

set of 3 muslin hearts

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hearts with overlay

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row of muslin hearts in a tray

They are also headed to Bella Vita, our neighborhood shop for gifts and clothing! 

packaged scented hearts with card header

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