Make a Hanging Stuffed Heart

This very easy project came to me very early one morning. With my eyes half open and a cup of coffee in hand, I created this stuffed hanging heart you can leave up all year! 

stuffed drop cloth heart with layers of brown

Like I said, this was a very easy project and I used leftover project scraps to make it. 

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I began by cutting out a heart from drop cloth fabric using pinking shears. 

cutting a heart from drop cloth fabric

I used hot glue to glue around most of the heart.

I left the bottom of the heart open for stuffing and 2 small spots at the top of the heart to insert a wire later. 

Using coordinating fabric of your choice, cut out more hearts in descending size order using different coordinating fabrics. 

brown gingham heart on drop cloth heart

stacking different fabric hearts

Now stuff the heart with Poly-fil, or the stuffing from an old pillow form. 

stuffing the heart with Poly-fil

Glue the bottom of the heart closed when you've added enough stuffing. 

Next, I used rebar wire, coiled it around a pencil a few times for a little fun, then inserted it into the 2 holes in the glue I left at the top of the heart. 

stuffed heart made from brown fabrics

Use a dot of glue in each hole now to hold the wire in place. 

Next, I made a bow. 

I used scraps of the fabric I used for the hearts, torn into ribbon strips and laid down in a star shape. 

layering a stack of fabric scraps for a bow

I used a small piece of jute to gather all the scrap ribbons in the center then tied it to the wire on one side. 

Heart with matching scrap fabric bow

That is all there was to this early morning project fueled by my first cup of coffee!

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stuffed hearts with brown fabric and bow


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