Easy to Make Herb Plant Markers

This project came just in time for Mother's Day! I've had the idea to make plant markers for my herb garden for a while and when it ended up to be this easy, I was ready to make a bunch! 

black herb markers

This project was so simple to make and the Garden Label stencil from Old Sign Stencils made it a breeze to add the lettering.  

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Old sign stencils plant markers

I just love using Old Sign Stencils because they are well made and will last you forever! 

You can make some for yourself and some for gifts! 

Here is all I did to create gorgeous plant stakes for my Mother's herb garden. 

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First, I began with a couple packages of large paint sticks called 21" Ruler Sticks from Home Depot. 

stir sticks from Home Depot

These sticks have a ruler printed on one side but you don't see it once you paint. 

I cut the sticks to the desired length then cut the ends into a point using my table top saw

I use this very useful table top saw all the time on projects like these

wooden stakes cut to a point

You could also do this using a small hand saw and miter box, the wood is not hard to cut. 

Next, I painted the sticks with a black craft paint to resemble chalkboard. 

black painted wooden stakes

I laid the stencil out on the wooden stakes and using a white chalky paint, stenciled the herb names onto the stakes. 

herb stencil lined up on stake

It was very easy to line up the stencil on the stake because of the easy to follow lines on the stencil that guide it into place on your stake. 

stenciled herb names

herb markers on black

I embellished my stakes with a small leaf stencil that is also part of this set. 

herb stencils

herb markers with tiny leaves

When the paint dried it was time to seal my stakes.

garden markers in black

I used Polycrylic Protective Finish to seal the stakes to keep them new looking outdoors. 

I wrapped the stakes in a stack with a jute bow and I'm giving them to my mother for Mother's Day! 

Several years ago I made a beautiful Herb Garden as a gift for Mother's Day and these would be a perfect addition to that gift. 

stack of garden markers with twine and a sprig

They make a great gift for yourself or someone else and the stencil allows you to make several sets! 

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Mother's day gift of garden markers


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