Wire Hanging Basket Cage

Recently I saw a wire basket that held garlic in an online store. 

I thought it was adorable and very do-able too! 

I wanted to make something similar to hold a small terra cotta pot so I grabbed my supplies and got to work. 

See how it went....

Wire hanging basket with sprouts

Simple supplies needed to make a wire cage hanger:

rebar wire and wire cutters

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lengths of wire, rebar wire and wire cutters

The first thing I did was to cut 4 pieces of rebar wire into 18" lengths. The sizes are negotiable depending on what size pot you're going to want to use this for. My pot is about 4".

wire wrapped around blender bottle

How to make the wire cage shape:

I wrapped the 4 lengths of wire over the top of a blender bottle that had a rounded bottom.

knotting wire at bottom of blender bottle


I used a piece of rebar wire to wrap the bottom of the wires where they connect. I would suggest using a thinner wire for this part, the rebar wire is difficult to work with and to make a tight knot was not perfect. 

knot of wire on bottom to attach wires

Next, I created a circle larger than the blender bottle and connected it on the ends by bending the wire in 2 loops. 

bottle with wire circle around base

I then took the wire off the blender bottle and wrapped the ends around the circle all the way around. 

wire basket around blender bottle

I used the long nose pliers to wrap a loop around the circle. 

wrapping wire around circle using pliers

Once I got all 8 wires attached to the circle I added a handle, looping the wire the same way as the others. 

wire basket

The rebar wire is very bendable so you can shape the basket when you are at this point. I just love the rustic look of this basket! 

wire basket hanging with flowers

How to add a planter to a wire hanging cage:

Next, I dropped the base and the terra cotta pot into the wire hanger and shaped it around the pot. 

wire basket with mossy pot

I planted my zinnia seeds inside the pot and using an S hook from the dollar store I can hang the pot from the baker's rack I use outdoors for plants.

zinnia sprouts in hanging pot

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hanging wire basket with mossy planter and overlay


This planter will hang anywhere you need it! 

hanging planter with seeds and purple pansies

Fill it with a jar and a candle or solar light as an alternative use for this wire basket. 

A cool rusty patina in no time!

The best part is... that the rebar wire rusts in no time and looks so pretty! 

rusty rebar wire plant hanger on fence


rusty planter cage in yard

I love it with a mossy pot and I can't wait for the zinnias to grow and then transplant them to a larger pot.   

wire rebar wire basket with planter and seeds

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wire basket cage with planter



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