Dollar Store Pumpkin Jars

Hi Friends! Today I'm making one of my favorite things to make... repurposed pumpkins!

I know, I know... it's still summer! Believe me I'm still beaching it myself but somewhere in the back of my mind I know that crafters are already getting started making their fall decorations. 

So here's a cute repurposed pumpkin idea using items from the Dollar Tree you can make yourselves. 

Take a look...

dollar tree jar pumpkins with stem and bow

I'm starting with these cute round jars with lids from the Dollar Tree.  

round jars with lids

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While I was at the Dollar Tree I also grabbed some black and white gingham ribbon, Mod Podge and Spanish moss. 

basket of supplies

Another thing I like to use on my repurposed pumpkin projects are real pumpkin stems. I try to save them every year before I toss our pumpkins but last year I visited a local pumpkin patch. You can be sure I not only got a whole bunch of pumpkins but the dried stems were laying everywhere! 

pumpkin patch with people

I grabbed as many as I could and let them dry out before I stored them so they wouldn't get moldy. 

pumpkin stems

Now back to the pumpkins... I began by spray painting the jars with the lids on with a black spray paint I had on hand. The round plate is for an upcoming project. 

black spray painted jars

When the black dried I attached a real stem to the top of the jar lid with E6000 and hot glue. I'm linking to the smaller tubes of E6000 because I find there is less waste.

black jars with pumpkin stems

I painted the jars, with the lids still on, with one coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Tuscan Orange

black pumpkin jars and fusion mineral paint

orange pumpkin jars with stems

Next, I removed the lids and cut off the plastic seal from the inside of the jar lid. 

orange pumpkin jars with stems

I returned the lids and used a brush dipped in Mod Podge to create the ribs of the pumpkin. Then the next step was to sprinkle the Mod Podge ribs with cinnamon. I buy my cinnamon from the food section of Dollar Tree as well. 

stripes of mod podge on jar

Once the Cinnamon dried onto the Mod Podge I used more Mod Podge to coat the entire jar and seal the cinnamon.

mod podge on orange pumpkin jars


When the coat of Mod Podge dried I used hot glue to attach Spanish moss to the top of the jar hiding the original handle. 

lids with Spanish moss and stems

          mod podge and cinnamon pumpkins

I made a quick tiny bow by wrapping the ribbon around my fingers several times. Tie the ribbon in the center with a piece of jute and then spread out the loops.

ribbon wrapped around 2 fingers

Next, I used hot glue to attach the bow to the top of the jar.

pumpkins with gingham bows

How cute are these repurposed pumpkins?! 

pumpkin jars with real stems and bows


pumpkins with stems and a bow

I love the color the cinnamon gives the orange paint. Each pumpkin only set me back about $3.00! I hope you'll give this a try before all the round jars are gone from Dollar Tree! 

pumpkins with gingham bows

You can use them to store candy corn or whatever tickles your fancy! Please pin for later -->>

pumpkins and overlay pin


pumpkins with stems and overlay pin

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2 pumpkins made from dollar store jars



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