Sweater Pedestal Pumpkins

I've seen this cute hot glue technique used on several projects lately so I thought I'd give it a try on a pumpkin.

I'm using a couple of Dollar Tree pumpkins and 2 Dollar Tree candle sticks for the pedestals. 

This is an adorable and easy project that can be done in many different patterns. 

Take a look...

2 textured pumpkins on glass pedestals

I began this project by drawing a knit design on a little pumpkin with a pencil, it insured that my rows were even and straight. 

pumpkin with design and pencil

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I'm using a small glue gun for this project but I don't think that matters. Some glue guns have thinner tips and I think a thin tip might work even better than the one I used. 

I went over the pencil lines on my pumpkin with the hot glue. 

pumpkin with hot glue design

Once I was finished with my pattern, I glued the pumpkin onto the candle stick pedestal.  

hot glued pumpkin on pedestal

There were a lot of glue strings so I used a heat gun to quickly melt most of them off. You can also use a hairdryer for this. 

hot glue design on pedestal pumpkin

Now it was time to paint. I removed the tiny stem that came with the pumpkin then used Waverly Chalk Paint in the color Plaster. I dabbed the thick paint onto the pumpkin design giving it a little extra texture like a sweater would have. 

painted hot glue pumpkins

The second pumpkin I did in the same way only I made dots all over the pumpkin to look like a pom pom sweater. I heated the strings off then used the same paint to dab 2 coats all over the pumpkin. 

orange pumpkin with dots and pedestal

A few years back I did a project using an actual old sweater on a pumpkin. It was one of my favorite Fall projects.

sweater pumpkins with cork stems


painted pumpkins on pedestals

Back to the pumpkins... Once both pumpkins were dry I added a real pumpkin stem to the top with more hot glue.

pumpkin stems

Pumpkin stems can be saved from your pumpkins year to year or if you have the opportunity to visit a pumpkin farm where you pick your own, the stems are all over the place! 

pumpkin patch

It was that easy to turn a simple Dollar Tree pumpkin into a textured beauty with a real stem!!

textured pumpkins with real stems


textured hot glue pumpkins with jute knot

Lastly, I used a piece of thick jute to tie a large knot on the pedestal under the pumpkin. 

hot glue pumpkins on pedestals with real stems

white pumpkins with hot glue and real stems

You could use a bow or just a line of jute instead like the photos above. 

pumpkins with real stems on glass pedestals

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sweater knit pumpkins with overlay pin

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sweater knit pumpkins on a shelf



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