No Sew Appliquéd Fall Pillow

Hi Friends! I'm at it again, creating another recycled fabric, no sew pillow for those that want to make it quick and easy with no sewing machine. 

I was inspired by one of my favorite websites once again only I'm getting the look for less. 

The best part... I'm recycling old fabric to make the cutest pillow! 

Take a look...

fall pillow with cut out fabric letters

I began with a trip to the pile of donations in my basement. Right now the pile is huge and getting bigger. 

My last daughter is moving out and I've been nesting! Kind of like when I was pregnant and organized my world to accommodate new babies, this time I am clearing out the junk and preparing for this thing called an empty nest at 64 years old!

So while searching the pile I salvaged a couple of orange checked napkins, an old, but clean neutral colored tea towel (you could use drop cloth fabric too) and an old bolster pillow.

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I began by measuring the pillow I bought at Ikea recently but decided I didn't like. I cut the neutral tea towel the same size as the pillow and added an inch all the way around then cut it out. This was going to be the background for my neutral letters.

Next, Using one of the orange check napkins, I cut rectangles the size I wanted my letters to be. I'm spelling FALL so I needed 4 rectangles. My letters are about 4" tall. 

squares for letters

Now full disclosure, I was a teacher for 35 years so cutting out the letters free hand was no problem for me. You can trace letters or use a ruler to get the letters the way you want them.

cut out fabric letters

After the letters were cut out I placed them on the bumpy side of an iron on adhesive called Ultra Bond. 

package of ultra bond

The letters were placed as they should read.  I used parchment paper between the iron and the letters so the iron wouldn't stick to the adhesive that was facing up between the letters. Then I cut out the letters with the Ultra Bond on the back. 

cutting appliquéd letters

Now it was time to place the letters onto the neutral fabric.

fall letters laid out on fabric

Once the letters were where I wanted them to be, I peeled off the backing paper then ironed the letters onto the neutral fabric. 

peeling off backing on letters

Now the front of the pillow was finished. 

front of FALL pillow

Next it was time for the back of the pillow. I used 2 orange checked napkins and placed them on the neutral fabric to get the right size. 

neutral fabric on orange checked napkins

The flaps of the 2 napkins overlap in the back. Note*This photo is reversed, the finished edge should go down first. Lastly, I cut the backing napkins to be the same size as the fabric on the front with the letters. 

pillow flaps overlapped in reverse

I put right sides together and used SureBonder Fabric Hot Glue to go around the entire pillow. I cut the corners of the pillow to make better corners when you turn the pillow inside out. 

cut corner before turning

Now I let the hot glue dry for a few more minutes and stuff the bolster pillow into the fold.

pillow inside out

That's it! 

stuffed fall pillow on a bench

I love this pillow, it's adorable and so easy to make. 

fall pillow on bench

Now certainly this project can be done in the exact same way if you sew. Instead of the hot glue step just go around the whole pillow with a sewing machine. 

fall pillow and pumpkin on bench

I hope you like this project and are inspired to make an easy pillow of your own. This can be done for any holiday but I especially like that FALL only has 4 letters! LOL. 

It is looking beautiful in our guest room! 

bedroom with fall pillow on bed

Oh and if you haven't met my photo bomber Sam... he follows me everywhere! 

fall pillow on bench with pumpkin and dog

The pumpkin jar above was a recent Dollar Tree transformation.


If you'd like to purchase a similar pillow, this one was my inspiration! 

Fall pillow on a bench

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fall pillow on bench with overlay


pillow in watercolor on bench with overlay

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fall pillow on sofa



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