Easy Wreath Stand Display

Where do you hang your wreaths? On the wall? On a door with a wreath hanger? Or maybe you have one of those very cool wreath stands I've seen online?

I hang wreaths all over my house, I have them on most doors, on the walls and even on a barn door but I don't have a wreath stand and I really think I need one. 

Today I'm going to make a wreath stand using parts from my workshop. Creating from random pieces I have laying around is one of my favorite things to do.

Take a look...

wreath stand and garden hand sign on mantel

I began this project looking for something I could use for a base. A lamp base would be perfect but I didn't have one. I did however have a bunch of wooden circles I found at the thrift store and recently used the smaller ones to make twine spools. 

pile of circles and a candle top

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I'm also using the top to an old candle I thought was interesting and a dowel from a broken blanket holder. 

The first thing I did was to stack the smaller wooden circle onto the larger one and nail them together. As luck would have it, the candle top fit perfectly onto the top wooden circle so I applied E6000 glue to the candle top and pressed it onto the circle. 

stack of 2 wooden discs

I let the glue dry and then using a 1/2" paddle bit I drilled a hole into the center of the candle top for the pole. I dripped more E6000 into the hole and jammed the pole into the hole. I made sure the pole was straight using a small level before I let the glue dry. 

stack of wooden discs, a candle top and a pole

The next thing was to add a finial on the top, again I used E6000 glue. 

finial on top of wreath stand

The last part to add to my wreath stand is the hook. I found a hook in my workshop and used E6000 glue and painter's tape to hold it temporarily then drilled a hole through the hole in the hook and screwed it on. 

hook with painter's tape on pole


taped and screwed hook on pole

Now it was time to take my creation outside and spray paint it black using a satin spray paint. 

wreath stand outdoors before paint

I had my puppy Sam was sure to inspect my work. 

wreath stand and puppy

Now, painted black, the wreath stand looks cohesive and like one you'd buy in the store!  

black wreath stand on floor

This is the perfect way to hold a wreath on my very large mantel. The hand sign came from Decor Steals several years ago. 

wreath with hand sign on mantel

You can be sure I'll be changing out the wreath with the seasons...

wreath stand with faux wreath

A magnolia wreath will look beautiful in the Spring.

magnolia wreath on wreath stand

An olive tree wreath is my favorite and will probably be up there the most. 


olive wreath on wreath stand

At Christmas this will be a great place to hang a pine wreath. I can even add lights. 

pine Christmas wreath on wreath stand


wreath on hearth on stand

There are many unique ways to display a wreath. Years ago I made some very unique wreath hangers.

wreath on a junky wooden wreath hanger

Another way to display a wreath is on an old chalkboard. 

chalkboard with a wreath and a scale

Todays project took about an hour to put together. I know you won't have the exact pieces I used to create my wreath stand but look around and see what you can find. All you really need is a stand, a pole and a hook. 

mantel with head planters and mirror

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wreath stand with olive wreath and overlay pin

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mantel with wreath, stand and hand garden sign



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