Aged Metal Paint Technique

This project is the result of a little bit of experimenting with paint.  

Sometimes I just love to mess around with paint and see what happens. Today's happy accident gave me the look of vintage metal on an old bowl that I was tired of being white. 

Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but today's experiment was a winner! 

Take a look...

vintage metal bowl and flowers

Like I said, I began with a white textured resin bowl that I was tired of looking at.  I wanted to give it a new look and my first thought was to go darker. 

textured white chippy bowl

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I mixed myself some dark grey paint using Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black and a tiny bit of Raw silk

bowl and fusion paint

My first thought was to paint the bowl this dark grey color and let it be. 

But then I thought that a little brown chalk paint might work.  I had brown chalk paint on hand so I began mixing the brown with the wet grey right on the bowl. I was sure to let some of the grey shine through as well. 

brown and grey painted bowl

At this point you can add a few dabs of a dark orange paint and mix it into the brown in spots to create a little bit of a rusty look. The more orange you add in spots, the more rusty it will look. 

I was pretty happy at the way it turned out and then I had another idea. 

painted bowl

I added baking soda to the wet paint. At one time I dusted my mini pumpkins with baking soda and it gave me a dusty look that I loved so I gave it a try on the bowl. 

bowl brushed with baking soda

It looked great! I started out with a little bit of baking soda and then I proceeded to cover the whole bowl with it and let it dry. 

baking soda dusted bowl

Once the paint and baking soda was dry I used a shoe shine brush to dust off any loose baking soda that remained.

This was the look I got.... The bowl now looked like a vintage metal piece. It had texture and and the baking soda dusting gave the piece a vintage look. 

textured metal looking bowl


metal looking bowl

I'm thrilled with the result! 

metal bowl on kitchen counter

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metal look bowl with overlay

I stuck the bowl back under the plant where it was and it looks so much better! 

metal look bowl and frames


old bowl with planter and frames

Does anyone else look around the room while watching TV and think of projects to do? I might be the only one LOL

metal look pot and planter

Anyway, think about giving an old piece a new look. Maybe a vase, or a planter, or even an old dish like I did. 

painted bowl with planter

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bowl with frames


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