Mini Book Page Garland

I made the cutest mini garland today on a whim. 

I had no plans to do this, I had my new watercolor paints out and it just kind of happened. 

This garland is so tiny and is great to hang on small places like a small wreath. 

You may even have everything you need at home right now! 

Take a look...

heart garland on a wreath

First, grab an old book or music paper scrap book paper. 

book and music pages

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I cut the paper into rectangles that were about 3/4" x 1 1/2" and folded them in half. 

book page strips

I used a glue stick to glue folded rectangles around a length of jute. My jute is about a foot and a half long. 

book page flags on jute

To round the edges of each flag you can use a scissor or this little edge hole punch which makes every paper project so much cuter! 

rounded corner hole punch

Once I had a string of tiny book page flags, I used a bright red watercolor to paint a tiny heart on both sides of each flag. Be sure to paint one side of the flags and let them dry before flipping over the garland and painting the other side. 

garland flags with painted hearts

The watercolor set I got for Christmas has so many beautiful colors, tools, and even a few metallic watercolors! 

paintbrush and watercolor paints and hearts

watercolors, pen and painted hearts

When all the hearts were dry I took a fine line marking pen to draw hearts around the painted hearts. I went around each red heart 2-3 times. 

watercolors, pen and heart garland


I also added a few lines and dots through the heart lines I drew.

garland with hearts and lines

Just do whatever makes you happy, even rainbow colored hearts. 

watercolors and garland with hearts

The last thing I did was to wrap it around a small wreath that hangs on a door. 

wreath with heart garland

It would also look beautiful wrapped around a basket, a plant, or even a small Valentine's Day gift! 

basket of flowers with heart garland


heart garland on a wreath

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heart garland on a wreath with overlay


basket with heart garland

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wreath with book page heart garland


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