Cardboard Valentine's Day Banner

You may have known this one was coming... it's getting close to time to decorate for Valentine's Day and you would think I'd have about a zillion options at this point but I don't. 

I'm going with simpler decorating, especially for holidays like Valentine's Day. 

Today I'm using cardboard again, everyone has cardboard, especially right after Christmas! 

So grab a box and a little paint and follow along!

Take a look! ...

corrugated hearts on pegs

I began with a box, actually the flaps from a box, didn't even need to cut up a whole box. I love using cardboard for my projects and I've been doing it for years! It's available and it is FREE!

cardboard flaps and heart

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I cut a heart pattern from a folded piece of construction paper and traced 6 hearts onto the cardboard flaps.

cardboard hearts


Once they were all cut out, I used a fork to peel off just some of the paper from the cardboard letting parts of the corrugated cardboard show through. 

fork peeling cardboard

I was sure to pull off the cardboard in random places so no two were the same. 

cardboard hearts with peeled edges

corrugated hearts

Next, I mixed some pink paint. 

paint mixed in dish

I am using Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement white and a tiny bit of Fort York Red. 

I mixed the paint as I went adding just a tiny bit of red to the white for the first heart and more red to the white as I went along. 

pink paint and cardboard heart

When my 6 hearts were all a tiny bit different colors, I let them dry. 

pink corrugated hearts in basket

Once the hearts were dry I used a hole puncher to punch holes in the top of each heart for hanging. 

corrugated hearts with hole puncher

The next step is to antique the hearts giving them a little dimension and a vintage look. I used a soft brush and a combination of a black ink pad and a vintage brown. 

ink pads, a brush and heart

I brushed around the edges of each heart with the brush to antique them and I think they look fabulous! 

I used about 7' of jute to string the hearts, tying knots between each heart to keep them in place. 

stringing hearts on jute with basket

That's it! 

circle of pink hearts on jute

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corrugated hearts with overlay

Pretty hearts are good any time of year but I decorate a little bit for Valentine's Day beginning around the middle of January. 

hearts hanging on pegs with mugs


pink cardboard hearts and overlay

I hope you like this project. The hearts can be used as hanging ornaments or added to gifts as a tag too. 

heart banner on peg rack


shelves and rack with heart banner

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Circle of hearts in basket



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