Decoupaged Cardboard Heart

Valentine's Day is on the way! Isn't it nice to have a holiday every now and then to decorate for?

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Truth be told, I decorate a little, mostly with the projects I'm making for all of you! 

My husband's and my anniversary are just a couple of days before Valentine's Day, so it just makes sense to have hearts around! 

This project is using a transfer paper I found online.  I'm using cardboard because it's cheap and the transfer paper because it's beautiful! 

Take a look...

hanging heart on a hook

I bought this pretty paper online, you can also use the top sheet of a pretty napkin. I bought it in black and white and red and white. According to the website if you wet the transfer paper it will transfer the design to a surface but I had better luck using it this way. 

temu transfer paper

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I began this project by making a heart and tracing it onto thick cardboard from a box. My heart is about 7" wide.  

white tracer heart

I traced the heart and cut out 2 the same size from the cardboard so I could glue them together and double the thickness of my heart. 

2 cardboard hearts

I glued and clipped them together to dry. The clips, by the way, come from the Dollar Tree! 

clipped cardboard heart

Once the glue dried, I sanded the edges with a small craft sander to be sure that both layers were the same size. 

cardboard and craft sandere

The next step is to paint the cardboard heart with white craft paint.  This will give the cardboard a lighter background for the transfer paper. 

white painted cardboard heart

When the paint was dry, I coated the heart with white school glue and let it dry.  I find that inexpensive school glue works just as well as Mod Podge for this project. 

white heart and school glue

Next, when the glue was dry I laid out the transfer paper, good side up onto the heart. 

red decorative paper over heart

I placed a piece of parchment paper over the transfer paper then ironed it with a small craft iron. 

ironing parchment paper

The decorative transfer paper stuck to the heart beautifully! I used a small craft sander to sand off the edges of the decorative paper. 

sanding paper off cardboard heart

That's almost it! 

decoupaged heart

Lastly,  I used a soft brush and a brown ink pad to add antiquing around the edges of the heart. 

heart and ink pad

brushing on ink from ink pad to heart

I made two holes in the top of the heart with an awl and used rebar wire to create a hanger for the heart. This link will take you to a lifetime's worth of rebar wire! 

heart with wire hanger and bow

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hanging heart with overlay


heart in wreath

It is the perfect decoration to hang in a wreath for Valentine's Day. 

heart and wreath on hook

Or hang it for a hook like I did on my newly finished board and batten kitchen accent wall. 

heart hanging on hook


heart and valentine decor

This is an easy project that can be adapted to almost any shape or surface.  The I love you sign was also from Dollar Tree this year. 

heart in wreath on board and batten wal

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Valentine card


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