Decoupaged Valentine's Day XOXO

Today I'm trying a new product! 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I had a couple of wooden X's and O's to experiment with. 

This kind of Valentine decoration is right up my alley with it's antiqued edges and black and white neutral vibe! 

Take a look...


xoxo decorative blocks

I began with two wooden X's and two O's that came from Target last year but this project will work for wooden hearts or any other shape you want to decoupage. 

XO wooden blocks

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affiliate disclaimer

Recently, I found this very interesting decoupage tissue online but I have decided not to use or promote this company any longer. I suggest you use a decorative napkin for this project. 

black and white decorative paper

When my order came I was a little surprised that the paper was very much like tissue paper but had a little bit thicker feel.  It was also a gorgeous antiqued color. 

decorative paper

I'm giving this decoupage paper a try today using plain old school glue and an iron.  

The first thing I did was to paint the white school glue all over the top of the X's and O's.  

school glue painted on wooden letters

I let the glue dry then laid a small piece of the decorative tissue paper over the top of the dry glue. 

decorative paper over top of glue and letter

I put a piece of parchment paper over the decorative paper and ironed using my small craft iron. 

craft iron on parchment

The decorative paper adhered to the dry glue in minutes. 

X with decorative paper

I trimmed the decorative paper closer to the wooden shape then using a craft sander, sanded the edges of the letter to trim off the rest of the paper. 

decorative X and small sander

The paper is attached to the wooden letter perfectly!

sanded decorative paper X

I did the same thing to the rest of the letters using a different decorative tissue paper on each letter. 

X and O with decorative paper

X's and O's with decorative paper

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xoxo decorative paper and overlay

Once I was finished I used an ink pad and a soft brush to give the edges of the letters an antiqued look.

antiquing with a brush and ink pad


And I just love the look of these letters now! 

distressed and decoupaged X and O


decoupaged X and O and basket

I apologize for any confusion about this paper but after seeing that this online based company stole copyrighted printables I'm out. 

black and white valentine X's and O's and a basket


X's and O's on a shelf with a basket

The little heart garland in the plant in this photo is coming soon! 

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valentine X's and O's on shelf with baskets


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