Wired Decoupaged Heart Garland

If you've been around a while you may remember the small heart wired garland I made last year. 

This year I'm creating a similar garland only I'm giving a new decoupage technique a try. 

This cute little wired garland can be wrapped around pegs, baskets or gifts. 

Take a look...


decoupaged hearts on gold wire

The decoupage technique I've seen all over Pinterest involves using plastic wrap to adhere your decorative paper to a surface. 

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I'll admit I had my doubts about this one and melting plastic probably isn't the safest technique for your health but I'm going to do a quick project to give it a try. 

I began with plastic wrap from Costco and small 2" wooden hearts

plastic wrap, an iron and hearts

I cut a small piece of plastic wrap and laid it onto my surface. In this case I put 5 wooden hearts close together with the plastic wrap over the top of them. 

hearts with plastic wrap on top

Next, I found a piece of copy paper weight decorative paper and laid that on top of the plastic wrap and hearts. 

decorative paper on top of hearts

Lastly, I laid a piece of parchment paper on top of that and used my small craft iron to iron the surface. 

parchment paper and craft iron

I will admit, this didn't work as quickly as I had hoped. Maybe my decorative paper was too thick? Maybe a napkin would work better? Maybe I am using the wrong kind of plastic wrap? I am not sure but I didn't give up. 

I held the iron down on the surface for a few minutes. 

iron on parchment

Finally I removed the parchment paper and ironed directly on the decorative paper. This seemed to work much better. Just be sure not to get melted plastic wrap on your iron. 

iron on decorative paper

I did this two times to make 10 hearts. 

cut paper with hearts

I cut the wooden hearts adhered to the paper into smaller pieces and used a small craft sander to sand off the edges of the decorative paper. The hearts are on the back. 

sanded heart edges with sander

Once all the hearts were decorated I used a pencil to punch through the original hole in the wooden hearts. 

hearts with holes

This technique did work, I am just not sure why it took a long time to get the paper to adhere. It also didn't smell like burning plastic. 

Next, I used thin gold wire that I purchased at Michaels a while back to string the hearts. 

gold spool of wire and hearts

I started out by wrapping the wire around a paint brush a few times then stringing on a heart. I went through the hole in the heart 2 times with the wire so it held in place. 

coiled gold wire

Between each heart I made a coil of wire. 

gold wired coils between hearts

That's it! 

gold coiled wire and hearts

This adorable little garland looks perfect hanging on the peg rack in my kitchen. 

heart garland on mug rack

Wrap it around gifts, hang it around a basket, or on a peg rack.  You could even make more and wrap them to make a wreath! 

circle of heart garland

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heart garland and overlay

decoupaged hearts with overlay


garland on peg rack with mugs

It even looks adorable in a plant! 

pine plant with heart garland

I hope you like this cute little garland for Valentine's Day. Don't forget to take a look at the one I made last year that looks like cinnamon hearts. 

cinnamon and pink wired garlands


garland with ephemera hearts

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circle of heart garland


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