Vintage Frame for a Wall Mounted TV

Have you seen the beautiful frames people are putting around their wall mounted televisions? They put a screen saver on the screen and it looks like a gorgeous painting in their living rooms. 

This gave me an idea... Of course it did...

My office is quite eclectic. Right now I have several vintage gold frames hanging on the wall so I thought "Hey... why not make a frame for the small TV I have hanging on the wall."

And so I did... 

black and gold vintage frame

I began with an old white vintage frame I had in the basement. I really hoped it would fit perfectly around my TV but of course it did not. 

vintage frame painted white

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The good news was that the longer side of the frame was the right dimension so I thought I could make it work. 

The only issue was that I was going to have to take this frame apart and hopefully put it back together. 

broken vintage frame

I used a miter box and saw to cut the 2 shorter sides to the length I needed to fit around my TV.  If you're paying close attention here you'll see that when I took this picture I had the angle wrong. I noticed just in time and switched it up. Phew! Major problem averted! 

frame and miter box and saw

Cutting the angle using a miter box is actually very easy. The cuts are right there in the box so you just cut. (In the right direction that is). 

Once the cuts were made I had to wood glue and nail the corners together. 

vintage frame and spackle

Don't think for a minute that they fit together perfectly, I had to use spackle to fill in the corner cracks. 

After letting the glue dry and sanding the spackle, I brought the frame out into the garage and gave it a coat of black matte spray paint. 

black frame with spray paint

When the paint dried I used Rub and Buff in the color Gold Leaf to accent the detail in the frame. 

frame with gold rub and buff accents

The gold accents are beautiful! 

black frame with gold accents

I went a little lighter on this frame as opposed to the gold framed bulletin board I just made for my office so my gallery wall would have some variations. 

Here is what the television looked like before the frame. You can see why framing it would be perfect! 

television without frame

I had several ideas for hanging the frame on the TV. One was to hang a couple of hooks on the back of the frame that just hung over the top of the TV but I was afraid that when the TV was moved on the bracket it could fall off. 

TV with frame and bulletin board with frame

Truth be told at this point my husband walked into the room and rolled his eyes. "What on Earth are you doing now?"

I ended up using large command strips which I placed on the front of the TV frame and the back of the frame I made. I then just popped the gold frame right onto the TV. The Command strips have a strong hold and won't damage the front of the TV. 

framed television

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framed television with overlay

And that's the story about how I took an old vintage frame and made it fit the small wall mounted TV in my office creating the perfect gallery wall.  

gold and black framed televison

This was a pretty easy project and I think it gave my home office even more character! I have yet to figure out how to get an artwork screensaver onto my TV however. 

television with gold frame on gallery wall


gallery wall with tv in frame

And if you're curious... my husband loved it! As he often ends up saying "Wow! That looks great, you were right!" 

Now that's my love language! 💞

framed television on the wall

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framed TV on wall mount


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