Wire Cloche for Spring

Nothing says Spring to me like a wire cloche with a nest so when I saw how easy it was to make one from very inexpensive materials I was all in! 

I'm so excited about this project! I've seen this project before but when I tried to find out the source I saw that a whole bunch of people have made it in all different ways on Pinterest. 

I'm giving it a try today three different ways and I love them all! 

Take a look...

wire cloche and baskets

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I began this project with black mesh garbage cans from the Dollar Tree and one of the smaller black mesh baskets. These baskets come in black and white, the black was the perfect color for my home. 

The first thing I did was to cut the bottom off each basket. 

bottom of basket and wire cutters

I gathered the cut edges of the basket and bent them in to create the smallest circle I could. I did this by tapping the edges of the basket on a hard surface to bend it evenly. 

I used different things for the top of each cloche but each was some kind of a jar lid. I used E6000 to glue the basket end into the jar lid. I used another mason jar lid on the inside of the cloche to hold the top lid in place. I put a weight on the lids to hold them together while they dried. 

wire basket with weighted iron

On two of the lids I added a finial. One finial was a stack of beads glued together and the third was a metal piece of a candlestick I bought at the dollar store

piece of Dollar Tree candle stick

I used a piece of wire that went through the finial and into the jar lid. 

cloche with looped top

On the smaller wire cloche I glued a wooden candle cup that I stained with a light stain and glued to the top of the jar lid. 

wire cloche with wooden top

Once all the wire cloches were dry and ready for paint, I spray painted them with a black matte spray paint to cover the shine of the original black basket. 

black cloches with different tops

These wire cloches are great to put on a plain white dish or on top of a pedestal dish like I did with the smaller cloche. 

black wire cloche on white plate

The pedestal dish was made with a five dollar candle and a three dollar dish from Home Goods. I glued them together and got a cute pedestal dish for only 8 bucks! 

wire cloche with nest on pedestal dish

The small wire cloche was perfect for the top of this pedestal. 

cloche with nest on pedestal

My favorite thing this Spring to put under the cloche are these beautiful golden eggs made with Rub and Buff in the color Gold Leaf.

gold eggs under a wire cloche

golden eggs in a basket

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diy wire cloche pin


Wire cloche with overlay

These wire cloches are easy to make and great to enclose a wreath, a candle or a nest for Spring. 

wire cloche with a wreath


Black wire cloche set

I hope you'll give this easy project a try, they look great and cost pennies to make! 

cloche and baskets on a shelf

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small wire cloche on pedestal with nest



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