Lampshade Bird's Nest Cloche

Nothing screams Spring to me more than a cloche with a bird's nest. 

I don't know who actually made the first lampshade cloche but I've always wanted to give it a try, 

There are so many variations and mine is made with things I found in the workshop today.

The thrift stores are filled with old lampshades and if you find one that has the right bones, this easy project takes minutes to make!  

Take a look...

cloches and dishes on tabletop

I began with a small lampshade. This one came from the thrift store and still had the packaging on it but that doesn't matter. An old ratty lampshade will work too. 

thrifted lampshade

You can check out some of my inspiration on Pinterest. 

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The only thing you need to be sure of is that the lampshade you use has ribs. You can feel them right through the fabric. You can use a small lampshade like I did or go for a larger one! 

lampshade with ribs and overlay

The first thing I did was to remove the fabric. 

removing fabric on lampshade

Once that was done, my lampshade had a bulb clip welded into the center, it was easy to bend right off. 

lampshade with fabric removed

Next, I searched my workshop for things I could use for the top of the lampshade. My first thought was a mason jar lid insert but I didn't have one. 

lampshade skeleton and pieces of wood

What I did find was the wooden top to an old candle and a wooden candle cup. I gave each a quick coat of stain. 

Wouldn't you know if... one of the wooden candle lids I had fit into the top of my lampshade perfectly. I didn't even need any glue because it was a perfect snug fit! This is why I save everything! 

wooden candle lid on lampshade

The next step is to add a finial or a handle to the top of my lampshade cloche. 

I used a long screw to attach the wooden candle cup to the candle lid. You can use wood glue too but I wanted a really good hold on this. 

wooden candle cup

That's it! 

wooden diy cloche from lampshade

You can paint it or leave it as it is. All you need now is a plate! 

lampshade cloche with plate

I just love the natural look of the wood and the rustic metal from the lampshade! 

lampshade cloche with bird's nest

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lampshade cloche with overlay

All you need to do is to pop a bird's nest or a bunny under the cloche! 

lampshade cloche and bunny

It's a beautiful and simple decoration for Spring. 

wire cloche with birds nest


lampshade cloche on a stool

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wire cloche on buffalo check

It also looks amazing in a planter! 

lamp shade cloche and plant

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wire and wood lampshade cloche


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