Repurposed Frame Bunny Tray

I just got the cutest bunny napkins from my friend and neighbor Kim today and I couldn't wait to use them. 

It's also the week before Easter so I better get busy making a project or the time to enjoy them for this year will be over.

In just a couple of hours I had the cutest little golden bunny tray I'm going to use at my Easter buffet! 

Take a look...

gold tray with gold handles

Now if you don't follow Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable, you should! Her projects are adorable and easy to make! Did I mention that she is decorates a beautiful cottage style home? Did I also mention she lives a mile from me and has been such a help with the technical part of being a blogger? Go check her amazingness out for yourself! 

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Anyway, I commented on some cute bunny napkins she was using on a recent post and sure enough a few hours later, they appeared in my mailbox. It was a good trade on my part for a set of DIY vintage clothespin carrots. 

bunny napkin

And like I said I got to work on this project right away. I just happened to have a gold Dollar Tree frame on my desk and the back had broken off... bingo! This was going to the base of my project. 

gold dollar store frame

I began by peeling the layers off the napkin. I'm only going to use the single printed layer. 

top layer of bunny napkin

Next, I pulled apart the frame so all I had was the frame part.  I'm using the cardboard insert from this frame for my project today. 

pulled apart frame

I gave the cardboard a coat of off white wall paint (Benjamin Moore Ballet White to be exact) that I happened to be using to fix some scuffs on the wall today. 

painted white cardboard

When the painted cardboard dried I used Fusion Mineral Paint's Decoupage Transfer Gel. You can also use Mod Podge.

white cardboard and decoupage gel

While the Decoupage Gel was still wet I laid out the top layer of my napkin. I used a piece of plastic wrap to smooth out the napkin and get rid of any wrinkles. This technique works amazingly! 

plastic wrap on bunny napkin

I let the bunny insert dry and got to work on the handles for my tray. 

I had a bunch of handles leftover from my kitchen renovation so I painted a couple of them with my favorite, and hard to find, gold paint. It just so happened to match the frame perfectly! 

While I waited for the handles to dry, I dropped the glass, the bunny cardboard and a styrofoam spacer into the frame. I closed up the back of the frame with a piece of brown paper card stock and hot glue. 

gold tray handles

Now it was time to attach the handles, I measured where I wanted them and drilled holes into the side of the frame. The frame was plastic so this was easy to do. I used E6000 glue to attach the handles into the holes on the side of the frame. 

Next, I grabbed 4 wooden beads and inserted them on a skewer to paint with the same gold spray paint as the handles. 

wooden beads on a skewer with gold

When the beads dried I attached them to the bottom of the tray with E6000 glue. 

bottom of frame with gold feet

That's it! I'm finished with the bunny project in no time! 

gold tray with handles and bunnies

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easter tray with overlay

I love this little tray! 

gold frame with candle


gold bunny tray with eggs

It will be great for small spoons, a candle, or even on a dresser for jewelry! 

tray with gold handles and gold feet


bunny tray with wooden spoons

What do you think Kim? I just love a challenge! 

thank you

bunny tray and candle


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