Viintage Frame Repairs

This is a fun story today...

I saw this beautiful vintage gold frame at the thrift store last week. It had a lot of damage and I thought it was fixable but it was full price and frankly... I don't do full price, especially on things I hope I can fix. 

The vintage gold frame had a matted Claude Monet print in it called The Water Lily Pond. This painting always reminds me of the three year old class that did their own versions of this painting when I was teaching preschool. 

The rest of the story...

Thrifted gold frames on mantel

I passed on the damaged frame that day but went back a week later and found it in the frame bin. As you can see it has damaged spots all around the frame. 

damaged gold frame

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I found the same damaged framed piece but with a lower price and it was an additional half price off that day! Needless to say, it went home with me! 

It had a lot of chips but I knew immediately that this frame was fixable! 

chips in gold frame

I began by cleaning it well with a baby wipe then using a small craft sander with a fine grit sandpaper, sanded all the edges of the damaged parts. 

sanding broken frame with craft sander

The frame details were some kind of plaster so they were easy to sand. There were several high chips on the frame and I sanded them smooth. 

sanded chips in gold frame

Next, I wiped down all the sanding residue and let it dry. 

I used a stiff brush and Rub and Buff in the color Gold Leaf to cover all the damaged parts. Gold Leaf is my go to Rub and Buff color for most projects. 

brush with gold rub and buff on frame

This color matched my frame perfectly!! 

corner of repaired frame

Lastly, I used the black Rub and Buff on my finger to go over the textured designs on the frame where I used the gold. This gave the repaired parts the same vintage look as the original gold paint. 

black and gold rub and buff on frame

That's it! 

black rub and buff accents on gold frame

I repaired this frame so perfectly (or perfectly enough for me) that it looks gorgeous on my mantel! 

repaired gold frame on mantel

I paired it with some of my other favorite gold framed paintings including the watercolor snowman my 7 year old grandson did for me. I was giving him a watercolor painting lesson and he ended up painting better than me! 😂 Excuse the glare on these pictures, it was hard to avoid.

gold painted frame and snowman painting

Luck was on my side on this thrifting trip because not only was I able to fix the damaged parts of this frame, but I got it for much less than I had hoped! 

gold framed paintings on the mantel


gold frame and gold junk sculpture on mantel

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claude monet painting in gold frame

Now I have a beautiful Claude Monet print in a beautiful vintage gold frame that reminds me of my days teaching preschool! 

gold framed paintings on mantel

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gold frame and overlay

It was a win all around! 

picture gallery on mantel


claude monet print in gold frame

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gold frame with rub and buff tubes


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