Cement Paint Treatments for DIY Projects

Today I'm taking a look back at several of my favorite cement look projects. 

This time of year just makes me think of cement planters, textured flower vases and cement looking decorative garden ornaments. 

Whether you are looking to recreate a cement look, repair a cement look, or even decorate cement, you've come to the right place.

Take a look ...


cement look project collage

Included in today's post are projects I've made in the past several years using a little bit of paint, spackle, plaster and baking soda to make projects with a great look and beautiful texture. 


To visit each of these projects with full instructions, please visit the bold blue links below.

The first project was from 2017. We had a family get together and we used the real thing! Cement planters were the craft of the day and everyone got involved with this perfect outdoor summer project... 

1. Cement Planter Family Project

cement planter with gold banding

Another fun project was the time I wanted to recreate the look of a bust planter I already had at home. The one I bought just didn't have the look I wanted so I used this technique on the bust as well as several other thrift store items...

2. Texture on Thrift Store Items

thrift store bust and planter with texture

Another texture project happened when I added spackle to jars I've been collecting for years. You would sure never know there was a jar under all that gorgeous texture!...

3. Faux Cement Textured Jars

Textured jars

Jump back a couple of years for this one, this is one of my very favorite projects and it stands proud in the center of my kitchen island to this day.  I started with a thrifted shiny white urn and made it gorgeous, you'd never know it wasn't actually made from cement!!...

4. The Best Cement Paint Treatment

cement urn

And just last year I had fun with a couple more cement projects.  A Pottery Barn outdoor table my daughter purchased on Facebook Marketplace was cracked and damaged but wouldn't you know we brought it back to life with just a few easy steps...

5. Cement Outdoor Table

outdoor cement table

And last but not least is the cement beaded garland I made as a decorative accent on my shelves. 

6. Cement Beaded Garland

cement beads

Now as if all of that textured goodness wasn't enough, I have one more project to share. This white  cement mannequin was purchased in a box store at one time and spent a lot of time outdoors until a piece chipped off of her. In order to save her for future garden decor I gave her a mossy makeover that made her new again! 

7. Outdoor Cement Mannequin

outdoor garden mannequin

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cement look projects and overlay


I hope you've enjoyed each of these projects and have visited the links for all the directions, photos and inspiration they hold! 

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