Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Life For Old Frames

Ugly, old frames are everywhere....
It's an epidemic. 
Especially frames with old faded pictures inside...

Thrift stores are full of out of date frame sets...

 I bought this set of frames at a yard sale,
2 for $5.00  
They had pictures of very faded flowers in them.

I knew I could give them a new life...

I painted them with a coat of Old White 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Right away I loved them!

With a coat of white paint they reminded me of tin ceiling tiles...

When the frames were dry, I distressed the edges and the inner detail with a damp rag... This takes off some of the paint in key places without all the dust of sanding....

I cleaned the glass, inserted my photo, and used the back 
of the old picture to mat my new photo.

I ran a bead of permanent dots and covered the back of the frame with heavy duty brown paper. 
The brown paper finishes the back with a professional look and hides anything you don't want to see.

On the back I added a sawtoothed hanger.

I found the perfect picture to put inside...

And now this old matched set has a new home... 
one in ours and one for the parents of the groom.




  1. you're right - they do resemble ceiling tiles. Great vision!

  2. Frames look awesome! Picture gorgeous !

  3. The wedding photos look gorgeous in the new frames! I am a sucker for an old, ugly frame and you are right, they are everywhere! I always chuckle when I see them at garage sales with a family member's photo still inside. At least take out the family photo, people. =)


  4. Beautiful Frames! And they do resemble ceiling tiles.
    And of course the wedding Photos are BEAUTIFUL and
    add the perfect touch to the frames!
    Enjoy your day. Susan!

  5. WOW! Those turned out great. I ♥ taking old things and transforming them into something I am proud to use.

  6. I have a pile of frames just waiting for an update. Someday....

  7. What beautiful texture these flames have! You got a good buy, and did a great job.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hate when I mess up all my spelling.......... cute frames!


  10. The wedding photos look so pretty in the new look frames. Great idea.


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