Use an Old Door to Make a Headboard

My daughter brought me an old door 
she found on the side-of-the-road.
(she's a chip off the old block)

The door had a lot of potential but was a mess!

Along with the door came a very detailed drawing 
by my daughter with the measurements from every angle.

The first thing I had to do was to cut off the bottom panel which made the door symmetrical and the right size for the bed.

This was my first go around with a brand new circular saw.

I screwed on two 1 x 6 boards to the back of the door. 

They had to be 59" apart on center and 25" off the ground.

We drilled holes in the legs where they will attach to the bed frame.

My daughter measured and I cut and drilled.

We flipped the door over and gave the door a good sanding.

Then the clean-up guy came by and vacuumed up the dust.

Next came a few coats of lemon oil.


Here is the finished product.

The finished product in her room.

Not bad for free!
(thanks again neighbors!)

Another successful mother-daughter project!

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