An Extreme Make-Over... Birdhouse Edition

Good Morning Birdie Family!!!

This awesome birdhouse was at my Mother's house and really needed some help.

I loved the mossy entrance ...

and the great growth on the roof...

But it had a problem.

All that mossy goodness had rotted Mom's birdhouse.

It was wet and falling apart... It crumbled as I moved it.

This birdhouse really needed an Extreme Makeover, and fast!

In an attempt to save it, I took it apart.

I used wood from an old crate and traced all the pieces of the old birdhouse.

I used the crate slats for the front and back.

Using a hole attachment for the drill, I cut out 2 holes.

The last slat I screwed on held the license plate roof which is removable in case the inside needs to be cleaned out.

I painted the whole birdhouse white.

And added a license plate for the roof.


These birds are going to think they took a wrong turn!

Some old scrap signage for the side...

I think it's still missing something.

Move that bus!!!!

That's better... a little junk!

Welcome home birdies... welcome home!

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