Removing Veneer From a Dresser

My project today was more about patience and 
never giving up than it was about painting...

Repainted dresser after removing veneer from the top

My very early Sunday morning began with an old dresser in the garage. 

My plan was to paint it because it was #1 in great shape 
and #2 the perfect size for my daughter's room.

Unfortunately after I committed to this project, I realized that the veneer on the top was a mess.... a real mess!

I Googled how to remove veneer, it looked easy enough....

I got out the iron and the wet towel (like they suggested) and I started steaming and scraping off the veneer.

How to remove old veneer from furniture

Hmmm.... this definitely wasn't as easy as it looked.

How to easily remove old veneer from furniture

My veneer sure wasn't coming off in the large sheets pictured in the post I read.

But I stuck to it.

More steam, more scraping....

After a while I resorted to a hammer and a paint scraper...
I was determined to finish this project!

Thank Goodness only the top needed to be removed!

Finally, somewhere about 3 hours later... I was finished.

Old dresser makeover after removing old veneer.

The dresser was now ready for paint...

Old dresser drawer makeover after removing old veneer.

Painting was the easy part... I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint

Then waxed it with Johnson's furniture wax. 

It is less expensive than Annie Sloan's but I have to tell you, it smells!

White dresser after removing old veneer

So here's the finished dresser and it didn't take long for 
daughter #3 to lay claim to the newly finished beauty.

Where was she at 6 am when I was scraping the veneer? 

Beautiful White dresser after removing old veneer

White dresser makeover and removing old veneer

Did you ever try to take a picture in a really messy room?

 It's all a matter of positioning yourself with the camera so the mess doesn't show in the mirror!

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