How to Make Beverage Tags

There are some adorable beverage tags in the 
Ballard catalog this month and I'm attempting to make some of my own!

How to Make Beverage Tags.

I can do that... a little different maybe but the same... easy!

I had shims, I backed them thin end to fat end and glued them together.

This made the shims the same thickness all the way 
down the length.

I cut the shims into 6" pieces, cut them tag shaped, and sanded the edges.

How to Make DIY Beverage Tags.

I drilled holes for the twine then sanded the holes.

How to Make DIY Rustic Beverage Tags.

I aged the wood with a vinegar/steel wool solution.

When the boards were dry I printed out a few appropriate words... sweet, lemonade, water & my favorite... over 21!

I drew the words freehand onto the wood trying to 
copy the font I printed out.

I used a Sharpie marker for this. 

I gave each tag a spray of Poly to protect it then strung
a length of jute through the holes.

How to Make Rustic Beverage Tags.

Mine have a very rustic look. 

How to Make Repurposed Rustic Beverage Tags.

These are an adorable idea because how many times do you have to tell people what's in the pitcher?!

Especially the Over 21 pitcher!

How to Make Repurposed DIY Rustic Beverage Tags.

Now they'll know!

Rustic and repurposed diy beverage tags.

I'm looking forward to using these... every day!

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