Wooden Crate Wall Cubbies

The day started with a great thrift store find.

pile of wooden crates

Nine raw wood crates, 1/2 price day! $2.00 each!

I couldn't leave them there.

I thought planters, storage, tool totes, cubbies...

stack of wooden crates

I began by filling up a spray bottle with a vinegar/steel wool solution because I wanted an aged look. 

If you try this spray-on idea make sure to run your solution through a coffee filter or the little pieces of steel wool will clog the spray bottle.

Wooden Crates lined up outdoors

The crates started changing color right away...

staining wooden crates

When the crates were dry I screwed them together. 

I tried a variety of patterns but in the end I liked a nice symmetrical rectangle.

Wooden Crates

I added rusty hinges and a number or two for decoration.


Wooden Crates

I added shelf brackets to the bottom so I could hang it from the wall above my desk in the office.

Wooden Crate Wall

It ended up to be the perfect size for over my desk.

Big enough to hold dishes, pails, and tins for organizers.


Wooden Crate Wall

See the entire craft room 

You won't believe what happened next!

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