Tin Ceiling Backsplash

6:29:00 AM

Suddenly removing the tiled backsplash in 
this kitchen turned into a disaster...

removing old tile www.homeroad.net

The solution to this problem 
gives the kitchen an inexpensive and beautiful new look...

Fasade to the rescue!
(this is not a paid endorsement)
18" x 24" thermoplastic PVC tiles... available at Home Depot.

Just measure to the size you need 
and cut with a craft knife.

A strip of molding is glued up first using 
Premium Loctite polyurethane construction adhesive.

Each panel slides into the molding and is glued in place.

adding adhesive to tin ceiling backsplash www.homeroad.net

Looking gorgeous already! 

tin ceiling backsplash in kitchen www.homeroad.net

The final strip of old tile is covered with a trim piece...

tin ceiling backsplash www.homeroad.net

And the kitchen backsplash disaster is averted!

kitchen tin ceiling backsplash tutorial www.homeroad.net

The total cost for this project was $130 and it couldn't look nicer!

Fasade comes in many colors and finishes...
To see all the great styles and finishes, visit

Also for more information and answers to frequently 
asked questions... please visit

The Fasade company shared this post on their blog... 

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  1. Very nice, Susan! Glad you were able to recover from your disaster.

  2. Nice gives me courage to cover my kitchens backspash..old yellow match the counter stuff..never have liked that stuff don't know the name.THANKS for inspiration!

  3. Oh my gosh, it's sooo cute! I've always loved those tin tiles.

  4. Looks great and I'd like to try it, but how easy is it to clean? The raised design makes me wonder. No one in my family seems to be able to hit the compost bucket the first time. Blech.

    1. Because these are made of plastic, Fasade panels are very easy to clean. Just wipe down with soap and water. Here's a link to other frequently asked questions: http://backsplashideas.com/t/faq

  5. woohooo! I've seen this at Home Depot... and always wondered about it. Your backsplash looks wonderful Susan!

  6. Looks great!! I've had this backsplash in my kitchen for several years and I love it. Mine is a different design then yours and is copper.

  7. So if I used this stuff I wouldn't have to rip down my wallpaper back splash huh? Hmmm.....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. oh i love this,, would love it in my kitchen. Looks great.


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