Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Great Grate Pumpkin

No I didn't spell it wrong...

it is a grate, a rusty grill grate....

rusty metal cooking grate

and with a little Barcelona Orange

it was transformed into 
the "Grate Pumpkin"...
ok it's great too!

rustic grate pumpkin

rusty metal pumpkin

Isn't that Great!

It's the perfect junky punky!

Simply The Best Contest The Fall Edition

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  1. Isn't that just a great grate junk redo.

  2. Susan that is just fabulous! It's the perfect pumpkin!


  3. This turned out so cool! I've been looking for unique pumpkin decor and this is just the ticket. Pinning!

  4. Love anything metal and this is adorable! Great idea!

  5. I found you over at Simply The Best Linky Party at Fox Hollow Cottage. Lov'n your pumpkin grate!


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