Monday, May 26, 2014

Hanging Basket

This one will make you laugh...

What do you get when you cross a hanger 
with a basket?

vintage hanger hanging basket

Why a hanging basket of course...

vintage hanger hanging basket

I cut the hanger to fit the basket, then used screws
to attach it to the basket.

vintage hanger hanging basket

The handle is sturdy and the hanging basket reminds me
of a tote. You can actually lift up the basket by the handle.

vintage hanger hanging basket

vintage hanger hanging basket

What started out to be funny turned out to be kinda cute!

I think I'm going to use it as display at the craft fair.

vintage hanger hanging basket

vintage hanger hanging basket

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  1. Well if that's not the cutest thing ever !!!
    I was prepared to laugh my head off - but it's too pretty to make fun of :- bet you're going to have people asking for them now! XOX

  2. So neat! Ibet that has so many handy uses, besides being pretty :-)

    Have a BLESSED Memorial Day!


  3. Such a fun idea, Susan! Inspires all kinds of possibilities...thanks for sharing!


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