Bakersfield Bar & Grill Vintage Window

Now I will be honest, 
I have no idea where Bakersfield is...

Vintage window text

and I have no idea if Bakersfield actually has a Bar & Grill.

But when my neighbor gave me this chippy green window...

Vintage window text

my husband immediately thought it should say Bakersfield.

The window was too great to mess with other than to clean it. 

I scraped off as much of the chippy paint as I could
and decided it still needed to stay outside. 

Truthfully, my house is full, my basement is full, my little shop is full, and my friends and family have all had enough of my generosity.

So outside it went.

I hung the window from chains on the deck canopy, right near the grill. 

Seemed like a great place to me... we can drink & grill.

Bar & Grill

Vintage window text

I created this window using premium vinyl. 

It is for outdoor or indoor... it has great stick!

I printed out the words and the flourish on my Silhouette machine and just applied the reversed letters to the back of the window. 

Vintage window text

That was it... saved this cute chippy window from the trash
and made a great sign.

Vintage window text

Vintage window text

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