Mini Chalkboards With Free Wood!

free mini chalkboards using molding

Free is always good!

So when I stopped by my local lumber yard to see what I could find.

I was overjoyed to find out that they give away free molding samples!

Yep... FREE.

This piece caught my eye right away.

free mini chalkboards using molding

It came with it's own chalk ledge.

I cut the 10" sample in half and painted each one an awesome retro green found in the oops paint at Home Depot.

free mini chalkboards using molding

I taped off a spot in the center to paint with chalkboard paint then added a couple of beads at the top for a finial.

For the stand on the back I went with my traditional
junk find turned functional.

Repurposing at it's finest!

free mini chalkboards using molding

A rusty lamp piece and an old belt buckle worked perfectly!

free mini chalkboards using molding

Always keeping my eyes open for the possibilities and
never pass up FREE!

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