Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer

One of my favorite things to repurpose 
are vintage kitchen items... they are so unexpected!

vintage cheese grater organizer

So when I saw this vintage cheese grater on Pinterest
I decided I'd give it a try.

Not sure who I can give credit to for being the first
to create one of these... but thank you for the idea
and let me take it one step further by making it my own by using reclaimed wood and a chain for mine.

vintage cheese grater organizer

I attached it to a reclaimed wine crate side and added a chain for hanging.

vintage cheese grater organizer

It is perfect to use in the kitchen

vintage cheese grater organizer

or drop a jar inside and use it to hold fresh (or fake) flowers.

vintage cheese grater organizer

The bonus is that it is magnetic so it 
can hold a cute note or photo too.

Want more? Here is one that I antiqued myself

and here is another I turned into an earring holder

And lastly this one made a great photo holder.

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