The Drop Leaf Table with a Wreath and a Bee

I saved this baby from my next door neighbors trash.

bee and wreath drop leaf table

I'm not sure why they didn't ask me first but there it was at the curb right next door to my house.

I went over to check it out only to find out that they must have used this table as a workbench. 

It had paint splattered all over the top.

I am including affiliate links in this post so you can order the supplies I use at no additional cost to you. 

table with yard stick and cut outs

So after a good sanding, I painted the top off white chalky paint.

My next step was to cut pieces out of my junk mail...

yes, the cardboard pieces that you would normally throw in the recycling.

This is secretly how I occasionally make my signs.

I cut out leaves for my wreath design then traced around them.

junk mail templates

 I did this all around the table to create a wreath.

traced shapes on white table

When the wreath was finished I sketched a bee out of a file folder then traced the bee into the center of the wreath.

bee cut out

bee traced on table

Then I used a dark grey chalky paint to paint the design.

I got the idea for the design from the Graphics Fairy it is the same image I used for my wine bottle bags.

black painted shapes and bee

When the paint was dry I sanded the daylights out of the top of the table. 

I wanted the image to be very distressed.

bee and wreath distressed with dark wax

I used clear furniture wax on the table then went over the clear wax with dark wax working it to get a mottled effect.

bee and wreath drop leaf table

I gave the already distressed legs a coat of dark wax and I was finished.

bee and wreath drop leaf table with wings open

bee and leaf table with sides down

I bet my neighbors will be surprised when they 
see their table now!

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