How to Age Galvanized Steel

An aging technique on this very shiny bucket was just the 
beginning of this project...

shiny garbage can

I bought this large bucket to store potting soil. 

I will keep it on the deck next to my potting bench.

white potting bench

As you can see, this bucket is so shiny you can almost see yourself in it... 

not good!

metal garbage can

The first step in this transformation is to age the shiny steel!

I painted on a product that you can learn about more in my post on Antiquing Solutions where I experimented with 3 different antiquing products to get 3 very different results.

The shiny finish was immediately toned down. 

The grooves are darker, and the bucket now has a beautifully aged patina.

garbage can with antiquing

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The second part of this project is a new paint by DecoArt I was very anxious to try, called Patio Paint.

antiqued garbage can with blue stripe

Patio Paint is a permanent, weather-resistant acrylic paint for outdoor decorating. 

It is formulated for water resistance and excellent adhesion in changing temperatures.

The application and clean-up is quick and easy, too!

antiqued garbage can

DecoArt recommends Patio Paint for use on all kinds of surfaces: 

  • Concrete
  • Terra cotta
  • Wood
  • Masonry
  • Stucco
  • Stone
  • Ceramic bisque
  • Cast aluminum
  • Styrofoam

  • I am liking it on galvanized steel today...

    garbage can with antiquing and patio paint stripe

    garden garbage can for soil with stripes

    Patio Paint went on smoothly and cleaned up in a wink!

    With the beautiful patina on this bucket and a paint that can withstand the weather.

    garbage can for soil and galvanized oil can

    I'm sure this potting soil bucket will look great on my deck all summer and only get better with time!

    Antiqued garbage can with painting and words

    Notice how the finish on my new bucket looks just like the authentic vintage galvanized steel in the background.

    DecoArt I loved this product and I'm anxious to try every color!

    How about using Patio Paint and painting some terra cotta pots with stripes or chevrons this summer?

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    *The Patio Paint is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. 
    Update: 2 years later this paint has not faded or chipped.


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